"Today was a big day- my son's braces came off after three years of treatment. He wasn't the perfect orthodontic patient, he was a typical teenager that needed constant reminding. Never at any point though, did I doubt the course of treatment with Dr. Cooper. He and his staff were always professional, kind and understanding. We all worked together as a team to help my son achieve a beautiful smile. When the braces came off, there was quite a celebration! Every penny, every complaint and every phase was worth it when I saw him look at his smile in the mirror."

- Melanie R.

"Thank you so much for making my teeth straight! I love the way they turned out and now I can finally chew gum!"

- Sarah B.

"Your website is beautiful! It's very easy to use. Thanks for always being wonderful to me. Though some kids dreaded orthodontics, I always looked forward to my appointments because of the cheerful staff!

- DeeDee S.

"Thank you for the wonderful job you did on my smile - it's become my secret weapon! You are a great orthodontist.

- Mary H.

"Dr. Cooper: I finally went to my first orthodontic appointment in my new town. I just wanted to let you know that he said I was in great shape with my braces. He also said that I was well taken care of. The info that you sent was great and enough to let him know all about me and my progress with the braces. You are a great orthodontist!"

- Rita E.

"Hello, Sarah is 16 years old today. Thanks for being so considerate throughout her visits. Yesterday Sarah was given the lead role in her high school musical... Thanks and God's blessings."

-Cindy & Sarah H.

"I am very satisfied with the results. Dr. Cooper did an excellent job."

- Sheri G.

"The orthodontist rearranged my teeth and I still feel better going to the orthodontists than the dentist! Dr. Cooper is very gentle and makes things almost painless! Thanks Dr. Cooper!"

- Lyndi O.