Which of these smiles looks like yours or your child’s?

When you decide to consult an orthodontist, it may be because you want to change something about your smile, or you are concerned about the way your child's teeth have erupted. Your dentist may be referring you or your child to us regarding a specific orthodontic problem.
It can be overwhelming!

We've provided nine typical orthodontic problems- real patients of ours that came to us with concerns that may be similar to yours. Click any image below to find out more about each case and see additional patient cases.

“My teeth are crooked when I smile.”

"My teeth look off center when I smile.”

“When I bite together I can’t see my bottom teeth.”

“My child has buck teeth.”

“My bottom teeth are out in front of my top teeth.”

“My child sucks his/her thumb.”

“My teeth don’t overlap correctly.”

“My child has a ‘gummy’ smile.”

“My child has ‘fang’ teeth that are up too high.”